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'a drop in a sea of drips', 2019

a dance of material, form, and metaphor that developed from an interest in exploring idealized fantasies around notions of significance and frivolity, artificial and real. it explores the porosity and malleability of  narratives as recorded in plastic and rigid materials; making mortal the weight of sentiment and history as bodily felt through visual encounter.

ceramic, unfired clay, concrete, steel, paint, polyurethane, plaster, tape, mesh, wire, car tires, epoxy, ink, prefab objects

cast of characters

essence of a real void in line and space, 2016

ceramic, apoxy sculpt, paint, ink

big a little a, 2018

unfired clay, mdf, aluminum step ladder

marked by osmosis & projection, 2019

unfired clay, sawhorse, wood, drywall mesh, steel, mdf, paint, oxidizer

kouros of conflated image, 2019

plaster, rebar, car tire, concrete, polyurethane foam, cardboard, wire, drywall mesh, shop rags, cable, bolts, push broom

bloom and decay of the flower of fanatic chase, 2019

unfired clay, rebar, car tire, concrete, polyurethane foam, drywall mesh, styrofoam, cable, bolts

essence of a boundary walker in grounded capture, 2019

unfired clay, paint, oxidizer

fanatic persistence of classical aspiration in 6 min 53 seconds, 2018

unfired clay

trunk of brute sensibilities, 2019

unfired clay, wood, paint

sun dried naturalism, 2016

ceramic, unfired clay

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sundial of loonacy, 2019

ceramic, architectural integration

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